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GP Sherwood & Co. is your one-stop shopping destination for complete turnkey Internet and Intranet web sites and back-end applications.

With our DHTML, CGI scripting, graphics, digital photography, and desktop publications experience, GP Sherwood & Co. can take your site from initial design and specification through to implementation, faster, better and cheaper.

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We Offer a Full Range of Services

  • Marketing & Storefront Site Design
  • Application Design and Specification
  • Database Development
  • Multimedia Development
  • Technical Training — Inhouse and Online
  • Desktop Publishing

Cost Effective Solutions

From simple informational sites to fully interactive, multi-media applications, the extensive experience of our staff can produce state-of-the-art systems at a substantially lower cost than comparable services. And by using inexpensive web site templates as well as our own code base, we can deliver most semi-custom projects in 2-3 weeks.

Real-World Business Experience

In addition to our technical expertise, our knowledge of business practices and business systems enable us to deliver truly functional applications to you and your customers.

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  • Marketing Communications
  • Data collection and dissemination
  • Document Control
  • Customer surveys
  • Online training
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Collaborative and workgroup computing
  • File transfer (upload and download)
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  • Ames Research Center
  • Tumbleweed Communications
  • Adeza
  • Volera
  • South Beach Yacht Club
  • Pacific InterClub Yacht Association
  • Idyllic Sailing
For more information about our services, please call or drop us a note:

GP Sherwood & Co
2218 Paseo del Oro
San Jose, California 95124-2406
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Hours: M - F 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Voice: 408.910.0095
Fax: 408.377.0489
Email: gsherwood@kichwa.com

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